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Music Events

Meno Logistics is at your disposal for music events services customised to your unique transport and logistics requirements. Whether it is small or large musical instruments, sound systems or staging installations, we will deliver it any location of your choice.

  • From requirement to execution

    We take due care and time when determining the most suitable solution for the event based on your unique needs and preferences. Then having employed the right resources and methodologies, we execute the solution using best practices of music logistics industry.

  • Exceeding your expectations

    At Meno Logistics we believe that our customers expectations should not only be met but exceeded. Our top priority is to make your project a success and serve your best interests. We go above and beyond the basics.

  • All strategy is local

    We deal with the leading brands in events industry and wherever the event location is, we guarantee the same perfect outcome in terms of quality, compliance, and safety. However the challenging it may be to implement international standards in markets such as Central Asia or Middle East we can do it because we are physically present in those local markets by our own staff and investments.

Local But Global

Your Local Partner With Global Reach

Operating in multiple locations, Meno Logistics long been able to combine the best of both worlds. We have global reach and ambitions but act as a local reliable partner.

Geographical Coverage

Wide network of own offices and partners

100% Trust

Our mission is to build true partnership

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Prompt response even during after office hours


We support customers of all types and sizes

Music Events Solutions

Trusted by our reputable event logistics customers, we meet highest and unique requirements of any music event with unparalleled efficiency and diligence.

  • Transport

    Our experienced team will study and recommend most cost-efficient and feasible routes along with planning for transit times to ensure timely delivery. The goods will be shipped by air, sea, road, rail or optimal combination of some.

  • Assembly

    Depending on the venue and whether the event takes place indoors or outdoors, we can carry out different types of assembly works.

  • Packing and containerisation

    We offer a full and comprehensive packing and containerisation services which can be carried out either at the event or another premises designated by you.

  • Transportation of dangerous goods and pyrotechnics

    Meno Logistics works in closes partnership with local authorities in arranging necessary paperwork and procedures for shipment and handling of pyrotechnics and dangerous goods.

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